Valbuena rests estrangement Benzema cheers for Ballon d’Or win.

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Mathieu Valbuena, Olympiakos midfielder has a great spirit, has a grand sport. Crossing the feud with Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema and cheering for the 2022 Ballon d’Or later this year

Valbuena and ‘ Benz ‘ were once in a lawsuit over a sex tape scandal that the Madrid midfielder led to threats to extort money from the former France teammates.  

leading to a lawsuit going to court Including the ban on the 33 – year-old spear from the directory ‘ Les Bles ‘ for several years.  

Over time, ‘ Benz ‘ was forgiven by society from old mistakes. while the parties try to overcome the former estrangement, whether legal or spiritual UFABET.  

Recently also cheered Karim won the gold ball for the first time in his career after hitting the Spanish La Liga double championship , the Champions League , plus shooting bombs .

” I wouldn’t be honest if I said he didn’t deserve the Ballon d’Or, ” he said on ‘ Armse Sport ‘ .

” Of course Benzema deserves the Ballon d’Or. “

“ I can talk about football issues on the pitch. both the present and the things that happened before that. ”

“ But let’s avoid talking about what happened off the pitch. ” 

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