Chelsea sent Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan and asked to exchange 1 of 3 legs again.

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Chelsea are set to do football business with Inter Milan for sure in the summer of 2022. With the highlight being the send of Romelu Lukaku to the Italian Serie A team on rent-loan. While he asked to choose one of three players. To the Bridge: Lautaro Martinez, Milan Skriniar or Alessandro Bastoni.

Reports from ‘ Gazzetta dello Sport ‘ that at the moment.  Inter Milan are asking for a replacement for the 29 – year-old spear. Which is 23.5 million euros ( about 20 million pounds ). Agreed to reduce 50% 

The ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ also took this opportunity to negotiate alongside the possibility of bringing one of Inter ‘s players to play in England. UFABET Which is most focused on the position of the central defender.  

Skriniar ‘s name has long link despite the player ‘s declaration of loyalty to the Nerazzurri. But Chelsea are still keen on making an early bid. Although numbers are lagging behind . Far from the price that Inter has set .

Bastoni, the Italy international, is also another Thomas Tuchel’s side wanting to add to their defensive options. By the young footballer zipping his mouth close about linking Chelsea.  

Closing with Lautaro , the early spear in the era of head coach Simone Inzaghi is another choice that ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ are interest in. But the level of demand is not equal to the position of the defender.