van Gaal believes Ten Hag to rise up in the Woodward void of gravity.

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Holland coach Louis van Gaal has also held a grudge against former Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward. Who fired him as a pig-like dog in 2016. New team manager Erik Ten Hag will work easier.

Van Gaal was shocked to learn that United had parted ways despite being hanged by the 2016 FA Cup winners . Plus, the person who comes in to replace it is an old subordinate. Jose Mourinho , who controls everything is the CEO . Ed .  

Made since then, the owner of the nickname ‘ Iron Tulip ‘ made a determination for himself in this life and Woodward. Ghosts don’t burn their shadows, don’t step on them, so when Ten Hag won’t have to work under a toxic environment like him. UFABET he’s happy instead.

” There and now we have a new organizational leader, ” the 70 -year -old said of the situation at Old Trafford.  

“ From Ed Woodward to CEO … to now that Richard Arnold runs the organization , it can make a difference. So we will have to wait and see what the outcome is. ” 

“ Ten Hag is a very confident person – but who am I to talk about ?”

The new work style of ‘ Red Devils ‘ focuses on decentralization from the center. Dividing responsibility for many positions , wrong with the Woodward era, all rights were taken, he knocked the last.