Bergwiin slams Conte’s disregard.

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Steven Bergwiin the Tottenham Hotspur winger, opened the attack on the agency continuously. Most recently. The head coach Antonio Conte made a mistake. I overlooked in the deployment even though. I thought the practice was full of potential.

The Dutchman became Conte ‘s surplus when the team got Dejan Kulusevski from Juventus in the January market. Resulting in Bergwiin playing 32 games in all competitions. Scoring four goals and Two assists only.  

As a result, the 24 – year-old has been lobbying for a move with Ajax showing interest , prompting the players to push the situation closer to the breaking point.  

“ It’s difficult because you’ve done a good job for the national team. UFABET But the name of the club has been ignored – really difficult ” opening mouth to ‘ ESPN Netherlands ‘

“ As for the news related to Ajax, as I have learned. I will find a solution for myself in order to benefit all parties. Asked if I would leave Spurs ? The answer is yes. ” 

“ As I said before, choose what is best for your career. It’s open to all possibilities. Including moving to play with other teams besides the news. ”

“ Hopefully my fee will not increase with the number of goals scored against the Dutch national team. I just hope that everything will come to a conclusion asap, it would be very good, but at the moment I can’t look at the end – let’s just say that now that I’m serving the nation, I want to concentrate as much as possible. ”  

In 2022 , Bergwiin is very dominant with ‘ Orange Windmill ‘ , has played 3 games and scored 4 goals , the last game defeated Belgium last week.